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Man Mo Temple & Brunch in Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

The Man Mo Temple sits unassumingly among skyscrapers and the bustling big city. This beautiful temple is located in the middle of Hong Kong City and is almost an untouched piece of history sitting inside the modern world. Upon entering into the temple you'll see many hanging ornate gold lanterns with red tassels and wooden art carvings on the walls. The red and gold colors are Chinese lucky colors for good fortune. I felt completely immersed in the beauty of this room as it is one of the oldest and most acclaimed temples in all of Hong Kong. From the outside, you may even pass by it without knowing because of its modest facade compared to other grandiose shrine exteriors. When your there look for the greenish-blue roof and the stone animal carvings and you'll know you've made it. As the incensed burned, the smell of sandalwood was pleasant and soothing however, there was a lot of smoke which quickly started to irritate my eyes. I would only recommend being inside for 10-15 minutes at most. There were incense on every surface and even incense coils hanging from the ceiling which the temple is known for. These burn for weeks at a time and have been hung to burn by worshipers. Overall, I would say this is defiantly a beautiful place worth visiting and a nice little escape into something cultural. Afterward you can grab brunch at a number of places in the area.

Local Selection of Brunch Spots:

-Classified Sheung Wan -Mixed Western & Local Brunch

-Why 50 -American Brunch

-The Flying Pan - American Brunch

-The Crafty Cow - American Brunch

-Oolaa -Western Brunch

-Aberdeen Street Social - Modern British Brunch






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